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 Colette Pourcel

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Female Age : 29

Character sheet
Race: Tarnall
School: Technology
Element: N/A

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Colette Pourcel Col_by_Kow_Chan

Name: Colette Pourcel
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Tarnall
Colette has short, flippy, light green hair, and bright green eyes. She wears goggles on her head and carries a small screwdriver behind her ear, just in case. At a little over 5' 2", she weighs 107 lbs. For clothing, she likes muted reds and browns, and matching more feminine accessories with not-so-feminine shirts and pants. No matter what the outfit, though, she always keeps on her gloves and boots. A small pouch sits on her belt holding small spare gears and screws.

Colette was born an illegitimate child; her mother a maid, and her father a duke. Her father immediately dumped her in the nearest alley he could find. Lucky for her, the man in charge of maintaining the town’s clock tower happened to pass by and picked her out of the garbage. He and his wife raised Colette as if she were their own daughter. As she grew older, Colette would spend her free time helping her father with repairs and maintenance on the clock tower. She loved the logical thinking process that came with technology. Eventually, she learned all her father could teach her, and decided it was time to move away and learn more at the university.

Colette is a pleasant and happy person. She is often in a good mood, and likes to cheer others up as well. While she isn’t afraid of being alone, she much prefers being in a large group of people. She enjoys doing things with her hands, and is often unable to keep her hands and herself still. She keeps all of her friends very close, and takes her friendships very seriously. Even if it puts her own life at risk, she would help anyone in trouble, even a complete stranger. She can be a bit nosy about trying to solve other peoples’ problems, and she often ignores her own. Like any girl, Colette has occasionally dreamed about someday getting married and having children; at the moment, she would rather focus on her studies than getting tangled up in a relationship.
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Colette Pourcel
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