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 Rachel Blanc

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Character sheet
School: Sorcery
Element: Air

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Rachel Blanc Rikanecolored

Name: Rachel Blanc

Age: 18¾

School: Sorcery

Element: Air

Appearance: Similar to that shown. Eyes are green. In autumn and winter, always wears elbow-length white gloves.

History: Born into a respectable family of nobles, Rachel is the third and last child of her family. Her sister, the eldest, is engaged to a prominent duke, and her brother has recently become a lieutenant in the Lysandrian army. Rachel has not yet been as successful as either, and so she wishes for nothing more than her family’s love and admiration. Her father died from food poisoning at a banquet held by his best friend; many believe this was no accident. Rachel, eight at the time, was deeply affected by the incident.

Her mother is somewhat overbearing, and fakes fainting spells to avoid being seen in the dark. Rumor holds that Tarnall blood runs in her veins; Rachel doubts this as her own eyes do not glow and her ears are not pointed. Nevertheless she can run rather faster than would be expected from a slight girl like her. She has been raised with excellent knowledge of etiquette, the harp, literature, and sewing. Unfortunately one too many incidents (where she has fallen and the winds blow up her skirts) have led her mother to encourage her going off to the university.

Personality: Rachel is somewhat withdrawn. She is rarely more comfortable than when reading a good book. Generally if you seek her friendship, you will have to approach her first and be quite careful not to make a bad impression. Strike her the wrong way and you could easily be distanced forever from her by a façade of politeness and several appointments that conveniently “just keep me from spending any time whatsoever with you, I’m so sorry”.

She cares deeply for the friends she has and chooses them carefully. In certain situations, she will even abandon propriety if it is necessary to defend them. She also tends to get a little out of control whenever she is infatuated with a boy. Some rather nasty acquaintances claim this is overcompensation for her untoward affection towards certain girls. She has not dared to acknowledge these rumors for fear she will realize their truth.

Miscellaneous: Blood type A. Loves cats, fears dogs and bears and the dark. In addition to her previous skills, Rachel has spent years learning to sketch. The portrait shown here is her own work. It is safer not to mention to her the discrepancy between these two facts. Otherwise she might cry.
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Rachel Blanc
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