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 Cole Blackwell

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Cole Blackwell

Cole Blackwell

Character sheet
Race: Human
School: Technology

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Cole Blackwell

Cole Blackwell Cole-chibi

Birth Day: May 3
Age: 18
Eyes: Dark Brown (Almost Look black)
Facial Piercing/Tattoos: Gauges-Both ears, One below his bottom lib, & two eyebrow-one above each eyebrow/NA
Clothing Style: A little fancy & OMFG! Striped paints!(he owns like four pairs)
Physical Description: Tall & Scrawny (Insecure about his scrawniness :<)
Skills/Talents: Sewing (Makes most of his clothes & Its good practice for working with his hands.)
Strengths: Ambitious
Weaknesses: Cooking & fighting
Hobbies: Collecting gloves

((This paragraph is all over the place in its explanation.....u've been warned))
Apart from being shy when he first meets people, Cole is very outgoing & friendly. He can be sarcastic & mordant in his humor but that's only if he really likes someone. Loves telling stories of interesting subjects. Even thou he doesn't consider himself smart, Cole absorbs information like a sponge, & is often lost in deep thought or concentration when working. Is very self efficient, likes making his own clothes, cutting his own hair, Ect. Is also very ambitious In goals he set for himself.

Birth - 6
During his youth Cole grew up on a giant Airship named The Altesse, In which his Father (Caine Blackwell) was the Captain. His mother (Glyn Clocker/Blackwell) was the head mechanic to The Altesse.Cole Loved nothing more than helping & sometimes just watching his mother work on the ship. When Cole got a chance to be with his father they would often play chess & pull pranks on the uptight First Mate, Slivian Weller. Life was great, Adventures & being in the air was what Cole loved best.
But, When Cole was just six years old his father was found dead in his Captains Quarters. The crew thought suicide, but Glyn knew better. She knew that Weller had something to do with his death. Unfortunately, she could never prove Weller's involvement in her husbands death. Weller than shortly after, kicked Cole & Glyn off The Altesse & became the Captain of the ship.

6 - 13
Glyn then moved to Lysandrain Empire to find work so she could raise her son. Cole hated having to adjust from exciting adventurous life in the air! To boring & hard-working life on the ground. Cole worked as a chimney sweeper to help make ends meet for the next seven years. At thirteen he unexpectedly meet his Aunt - Arian Clocker, who worked as a professional freak show at the traveling circus. After visiting & exchanging amazing stories with the nephew she never knew she had, Arian suggested that Cole go to the Metis University. She told him that many great engineers came from the school & that he could learn how to make his own airship to hunt down Weller & get his fathers airship back. Cole's eyes light up with great felicity after hearing that he had a chance to get his father's Airship back, & the fact that it was a giant floating island already hooked him into wanting to go.
Cole also learned from his Aunt how to pierce his skin. One of his Aunt's attraction was the fact that 80% of her body was covered in exotic piercings & tattoos.

Instantly Cole had found a love & a talent that he was naturally good at. Building small invention for the house & just making random tinker toys out of scrap metal & copper. Cole felt the since of adventure & amazement coming back into his life.
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Cole Blackwell
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