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 Jane Clairemont Files [Sorcery]

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Female Age : 28

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Name: Jane Clairemont.
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 1.75m
Weight: 50Kg
Hair: curly and blonde
Eye colour: blue.
Skin colour: white.


Favorite colour: ocean blue.
Favorite food: flapjacks, blueberry muffins, and cherry pie.
Dislikes: Sundays, prunes, green colour, the Baroness Amelia, Lavinia, Fufu (lavinias's cat).
Hobbies: playing piano, bothering Fufu, sailing in boat, riding.

Background: (this story is part of a novel called "Jane" by me)

Henry Clairemont and Mary Jane Dawson got married 20 years earlier. Henry was Duke of Clairemont, and the only son of Duchess Sarah Clairemont, while Mary Jane was a poor girl living in the poor neightborhoods of the city. Henry's mother tried to persuade him not to marry with that girl, but she couldn't. So Henry and Mary ran away, and two years later they had a daugther. Unfortunate, Henry died by a bad cold only four months before the little girl was born. So Jane grew up with her mother until fifteen, when she also died. Alone in the world, she found the way to survive like waitress at the old café in Porto Bello, where a few years later Lord Clarence, Duchess's lawyer, found her. Sarah didn't know that she had a granddaughter, for she didn't have any news about Henry since he left. It took many misadventures to convince Jane for accept knowing her grandmother, and many others to convince her for staying. For allong with Sarah, there live also the baroness and her daugther. They do everything in their hands to get Jane away from their lives and Sarah's inheritance. But finally, Jane accept to stay and begin to love Sarah. So Sarah and Jane have lived toghether for one year, untill the day that Sarah thought it was time for sending her granddaughter to a fine school, where she could learn all about magic and socery.
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Jane Clairemont Files [Sorcery]
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