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 Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis]

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Jonathon Audo Waldgrave

Jonathon Audo Waldgrave

Male Age : 29

Character sheet
Race: Human
School: Technology
Element: N/A

Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis] Empty
PostSubject: Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis]   Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis] EmptyThu 4 Feb - 4:52

Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis] Jonathonportrait

Full Name: Jonathon Audo Waldgrave
Nickname: "Jack"
Age: 19
Birthdate: 22 November

Race: Human
Nationality: Danassian

Paul "Big Wally" Jonathon Waldgrave [Father]
Cassandra "Lady Forge" Patricia Ada-Waldgrave [Mother]

Hair: White
Weight: 120 lbs. [170 with wheelchair]
Height: 4'2" with wheelchair
Eyes: Olive Green


  • Fast things
  • Really fast things
  • Things that can get from point A to point B quickly
  • Thrilling experiences
  • Large, overwhelming contraptions bristling with potential energy
  • Chicken and rigatoni in vodka sauce with garlic and peppers


  • Stairs (a recent development)
  • Opium (a difficult, but recent development)
  • Slow travel and stationary objects
  • Empty experiences
  • Silence

To know Jack, it's perhaps best to learn of his family. His father and mother had met through a business deal, where his father had been searching for the best materials needed in order to craft a prototype autogyro. During the latest of many fruitless meetings with an accountant desperately trying to sell his materials, a woman burst in proclaiming her materials to be five times as strong and twice as light as the metals being provided by whomever was in the room. To prove her point, she revealed a metal rod and swept it under the chair of the business representative, shattering the wooden supports and sending him to the floor. Paul immediately accepted this woman's deal, and they were married two years later (put on hold because the materials lacked rigidity, and the wings buckled in flight sending Paul crashing to the earth, hospitalizing him for a year).

This sort of environment was the one Jack was born into: one of fast-talk, rapid prototyping, and endless innovation. Growing up, he was always witnessing new and often highly explosive things being crafted by his mother and father and their small independent business they had set up. Most of them followed his father's rule of "bigger and faster!" with the materials being supplied by his mother, leading to the small Jack being mesmerized by overwhelming contraptions of iron, copper, and steel. His childhood curiosity and wonder eventually was replaced by adolescent tinkering and study, hoping to learn the trade of his father and help him in his endeavors. As his family's business grew, his father finally gained enough money to send him off to the prestigious Metis University. He had only a few months to wait for his transcripts to process through. He was 17.

It is important to note that when working with any sort of experimental engine or hot furnace, there is always a chance of injury. His father had several missing fingers and toes, while his mother had her already imposing appearance made more frightening by several scars from the burning forge. Jack had his own share of small scars and scrapes, but nothing particularly disfiguring: He still could count to ten on his fingers and toes, and could see straight out of both eyes and talk without a lisp.

On a winter day, Jack was wandering the tracks of the trams, anxiously awaiting the new model to arrive in town: It had one of his fathers finalized engine designs installed, and was the first to pass through the city with it. Many people were in attendance to witness their town's prestigious inventor's creation ride triumphantly through. During Jack's walk, the snow crumpled under feet and he fell into a crevice by the tracks. Two hours later, the tram pulled into station with red-stained wheels.

When his family and friends had found him, he was unconcious in pit formed by the snow. His legs were several dozen feet up the track.

Surgeons repaired what was left of his legs without any threat of gangrene moving up the limbs, but he was now confined to a wheelchair. While in surgery, his young age and adolescent immune system had reacted strangely with the anesthetic and medicine, leading to his hair being bleached/stressed white and him having a severe allergic reaction. The doctors had to switch to opium as a painkiller, which was something Jack had to deal with in the months following his discharge from the hospital. Despite these setbacks, and his own fathers guilt, he still wished to attend Metis.

His motivation just changed from "bigger, faster!" to "better, faster prostheses!"...and like his father will not take "no" for an answer.

His father's unbeatable attitude towards problems and his mother's blunt way with conversations have found their way to Jack, leading to some to find his stubborn can-do attitude charming, while others find it naive and troublesome. Before his accident, Jack considered himself a ladies man, and his "disability" hasn't changed this one bit. He has a habit, when flirting, of calling women "birds", and describing himself as "the sparrow". Most women find it endearing, although a few others (or their boyfriends) find it annoying.

Growing up in a home where he would meet with the occasional worker without an arm or receive a 3 finger pat on the back from his father keeps him from seeing his accident as little more than an expected injury for his line of work, and not a disability since he can still turn a wrench and check pressure gauges.

A well-kept secret of his is his natural ability as a baritone singer. He treats it as nothing more than a device to woo the ladies, however, and would never reveal it to someone unless he was planning on courting them.

Lastly, a quirk of his is that he keeps a pair of shoes by his bed confident in his belief that he'll be using them again.

Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis] JAW-1-2

Jack's Wheelchair
Jack's wheelchair was constructed by his father while he was still recovering in the hospital. It is not steam-powered, and instead operates on the same principle as a bicycle with the pedals being replaced by a turn-wheel. has the following features:

  • 5-gear gearbox underneath the seat (changing of gears is done by impact buttons on the arms of the chair)
  • Gearbox can switch between free-gear or fixed-gear
  • 4 Wheels for extra traction ("4 wheel drive")
  • Emergency brake between legs
  • Attache case fastened to the front for transport
  • Steel "bumpers"
  • Variable configurations for "sitting" or "standing" via lever behind head
  • Leather seating

Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis] Fishgillpotion 1 Fish Gill Potion (2 uses left)
Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis] Monaferroforher 1 Mona Ferro for Her (don't ask, 3 uses left)
Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis] Faedust 1 Bag of Fae Dust (4 uses left)
Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis] Asthellas 3 Asthella Flowers
Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis] Icecrystal 4 Ice Crystals
Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis] Prosthesis 1 Ad-Hoc Prosthesis [hand-made]
Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis] Cigarettes "Dapper" Brand Cigarettes and Matches
Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis] Journalandworkbook Journal and Workbook
Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis] Bitchinwheelchair 1 Bitchin' Wheelchair

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Jonathon "Jack" Audo Waldgrave [Major: Biomechanical Prosthesis]
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