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 [Engineer] Ashley Faust

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Ashley Faust


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PostSubject: [Engineer] Ashley Faust   [Engineer] Ashley Faust EmptySat 16 Jan - 19:49

name: Ashley "Ash" Faust
race: human
place of birth: Gravestone
height:175 cm
weight: 84.3 kg
blood type: B

Gravestone: A western styled boom town on the edge of the Argent mountains, it was originally set up as a trading depot with the natives of the area. After precious metals and minerals were discovered, industrial progress soon followed with mining camps, settlement colonies, and entrepreneurs coming from more civilized areas of the country. Law, honor, and claims of ownership are all settled by the way of the gun.

Ash: Born in gravestone to a black smith and a bartender, Ash lived his life pretty stable. He was a misfit in school, often being alienated because of his name, and would be set off like a keg of gunpowder anytime his mother was insulted. His father disapproved of this, being a man of science, was more in favor of hitting books than hitting bullies. When he was 16, a large group of hooded riders invaded the town and murdered much of the town in cold blood. Both Ash's parents were among the slain, orphaning him. Sheriff Harold Callahan took him in, taught him the ways of the gun, but forbid him to kill in cold blood. Knowing Ash would be eager to seek vengeance, Callahan sent him to Metis university to keep him out of trouble. Ash still seeks a vendetta with the hooded assailants, but focuses his efforts on learning his trade, to prepare.
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[Engineer] Ashley Faust
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