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 Guide: Ten Ways to Get Started

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Female Age : 29

Character sheet
Race: Mythan
School: Sorcery
Element: Fire

Guide: Ten Ways to Get Started Empty
PostSubject: Guide: Ten Ways to Get Started   Guide: Ten Ways to Get Started EmptyThu 14 Jan - 13:44

Ten Ways to Get Started

Here are some quick things you can do to start here at the forum! (Note: The links provided will bring you right to your main destinations ♥️):

1.) Create a character and post a Character File in Character Files. Where you place your profile will depend on which subject your character wishes to study, i.e. Sorcery (if this is the case, you must choose an element for your character. Please note that Aether is not available at this time), Technology, or Alchemy. How your character profile works is completely up to you! Some good examples include (but are not limited to):
Example 1--Example 2--Example 3--Example 4
Your profile can be as detailed or simple and to the point as you want.

2.) After your character is complete, head over to your Profile (Found at the top of the page) and fill out your information accordingly.

3.) Go to The Office to get a dorm room and a roommate for your character.

4.) Request an ID number and starter items -click here-.

5.) Go to The White Fountain to introduce your character by making an arrival post. (See the posts already created for examples.)

6.) On the Home Page, check out the Student Union House and see if there's any clubs you'd like to join (example: Visual Arts, Fencing, Music, Literature, etc)

7.) Create a -Creator File- that tells a bit about yourself, and lists your character(s) and status. (See the posts listed for examples.)

8.) On the Home Page, check out the school you've enlisted in and check to see if there's any assignments available.

9.) Feel free to post any Berith fanart or fanfiction -click here-.

10.) Roleplay where ever you'd like! If you want, you can request for people to RP with you -click here-. You don't need to make a request every time, mind you. People will generally just jump into posts.

Other things you should take note of:
• Notice titles of posts. If it says "Private", it is a private RP between the characters who started it. You are not permitted to join in unless invited to do so, however, you're free to read it.

• Many people choose to RP in the Chatbox (although you will not be rewarded Experience for what takes place in the Chatbox.) If you wish to join just to talk to the other users out of character, please be polite and use OOC brackets.
Example: Hey guys! Want to rp?))

• Sometimes special events will be taking place in the forum. Check the Portal often for updates.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask! Feel free to PM me (Serik) or Glory/Neon (Lasaire/Drystan/Faris), or post your questions in the Help And Feedback section.

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Female Age : 29

Character sheet
Race: Human
School: Sorcery
Element: Water

Guide: Ten Ways to Get Started Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guide: Ten Ways to Get Started   Guide: Ten Ways to Get Started EmptyThu 14 Jan - 22:13

[If it's not much I'll post this on the guides at our group of DA really useful!!! :D]
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Guide: Ten Ways to Get Started
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